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What's Piano Ninja Tricks?

Are you ready to practice smart and learn more efficiently in less time? Do you love playing Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and the great composers, but you're tired of everything taking so long to learn? Frustrated with inefficient practice time? Can't get to your in-person piano lessons during Covid?

I'm Lisa Spector, a Juilliard graduate and Your Piano Ninja. I've studied with the best piano instructors on the planet, including Leon Fleisher, Earl Wild and John Perry. I'm ready to teach you everything I learned from them and from 40 years of teaching piano. I make playing piano easier for you, so you can focus on what you love... making music.

What Piano Ninja Tricks graduates are saying...

“The work on fingering is astonishingly helpful.”

Jay M.

“Your two-note phrase exercise has been the missing key to everything I’m playing.”

Sue H.

“Your description of internal mind games is perfect.”

Eric H.

Lisa Spector

Your Piano Ninja

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